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A limited edition from the Natural Craft Collection

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Pin Mini Bucket Osier

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Channel the light-heartedness of summer

This season's charming courier of good weather is the Pin Mini Bucket Osier. A new, playful bag that adds a touch of freshness to any summer ensemble. The Pin's emblematic silhouette elevates genuine wicker, cultivated along the Loire Valley in the French countryside, to a noble material.

Tan bag

Limited edition

This summer accessory features a body made from natural wicker.

From wicker to Pin Mini Bucket

French basket weaving from the Loire Valley is known for its quality and structural integrity. Delvaux collaborated with the best wicker growers and basket makers of the region to bring this exclusive model to life.

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Noble materials

A sole made of smooth Dream Calf leather embellishes the Pin's structured wicker body.

Tan bag

Discover the packaging

Pin Mini Bucket Osier packaging
Pin Mini Bucket Osier and packaging Pin Mini Bucket Osier and packaging

A warm weather essential

The Pin Mini Bucket Osier is the ideal companion for a summertime escapade.

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A one-of-a-kind packaging

This limited edition packaging follows the curved body of the Pin. Made from 100% recycled paper, this charming collectable is an adorable embellishment for your new summer companion, the Pin Mini Bucket Osier.

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