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Questions and answers

Product information

  • Where are Delvaux's products manufactured?

    Our products are handmade in our workshops in Belgium and France.

    Our craftsmen are exceptionally trained to respond to the call for new technologies and reach an unparalleled level of expertise.

  • I no longer have the certificate of authenticity provided with my product. Do you offer a replacement?

    A unique certificate is provided with each product. This certificate contains information about your item as well as the date and store of purchase. We invite you to keep it as we do not offer duplicates.

Care & Repair

  • How should I maintain my product?

    Your item has been delivered with specific maintenance instructions. Please follow the necessary recommendations mentioned.

  • I have a Delvaux product that needs to be repaired or restored. What is the procedure?

    Our workshop has an after-sales service where our specialized craftsmen repair and restore our products.

    We kindly invite you to contact one of the Delvaux boutiques located in your country or drop off your item there.

    Please contact our Customer Service for more information.

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