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A star is born, a brillant one indeed

1958. Architectural feats and a spark of innovation electrify Brussels, host to the World Expo, inspiring Delvaux to create the most complex, radical, and iconic bag ever made.

With the shape of a goddess, a buckle like a gem, and the posture of a queen, the Brillant shines down on its subjects, but will never outshine you.

Since 1958

The Brillant was created in 1958 when Brussels hosted the World Fair and architecture reigned supreme. The Philips Pavilion, a remarkable structure designed by Le Corbusier, was the inspiration behind Delvaux’s new handbag, so intricate it was fittingly named ‘le Brillant’. Graceful and sophisticated, it has won over hearts for more than sixty years. Today, it is one of our most iconic bags.
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An iconic buckle

One of the Brillant’s most eye-catching features is its unmistakable buckle. Curved like a horseshoe and pretty as a jewel, its spells out the ‘D’ for Delvaux.

Its refined front strap and fastening system make it one of a kind. Decorated with pearls or crystals, two-tone or monochrome, metallic or other, the Brillant’s buckle transforms with every collection. A true showpiece every time.

It’s all in the details

Every detail on the Brillant has been carefully designed and expertly crafted. Leather-covered buttons for a discreet finish. A beautifully soft leather interior lining. A twisted handle for a more comfortable grip. Nothing is overlooked.

Made of sixty-four separate leather and metallic pieces, the Brillant requires exceptional skill and precision to create. It takes more than 8 hours of work to piece together.

Endlessly versatile, the Brillant transforms with seasonal colours and matte, shiny or metallic finishes. Different leathers also give it very different styles. Box Calf and precious skins give the Brillant a highly sophisticated look, while more supple hides such as Rodéo and Crispy Calf give it a softer appearance. Truly a bag for all seasons.

To have and to hold

The Brillant can be carried by its top handle and can be worn with an adjustable strap. Long or short, the strap can be placed over the shoulder or across the body for a more relaxed style. Depending on the occasion, day or mood, the Brillant adapts to your every need. Brilliantly.

The Brillant comes in many sizes, meaning you’ll always find the perfect fit. From the large GM, to the everyday MM and PM, the Brillant also comes in a cute Mini size, and an elongated East/West PM. When it comes to small leather goods, you’ll find the Brillant in two wallet sizes, a whimsical Charms made for wearing or carrying, and a highly elegant card holder.