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Palladium Metal - WondeRing

Precious little gems of savoir-faire, WondeRings are designed to accessorize your bag. Providing extra sparkle, shine and attitude, these intricate jewels can be mixed and matched, as the mood suits.

Care instructions

Your WondeRing has been designed and developed in our atelier in Brussels and produced by specialized craftsmen in France and Italy. Created out of brass, a beautiful gold or silver finish gives it durability and shine.

To preserve the timeless beauty of your WondeRing, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • First of all, if your WondeRing should be stained or damaged in any way, please take it to one of our boutiques or contact our customer support.

  • Store your WondeRing in its original protective cover, away from any source of heat or humidity.

  • Avoid any knocks which could cause marks or scratches.

  • Avoid contact with any corrosive or chemical products (salt water, bleach, perfume). In case of contact, immediately rinse lightly with water and wipe delicately with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

  • Do not immerse in water or use any cleaning products. To remove finger marks, rub lightly with a silk cloth, or a soft, non-abrasive one.

  • Do not wear your WondeRing on an exotic leather bag, as it could damage the precious skin.

  • Do not use Delvaux's 'First Care' range on your WondeRing.


Should your WondeRing be stained or damaged in any way, please do not try to repair it yourself. Simply take it to one of our boutiques or contact our customer support.

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