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Exceptionally soft and uniquely flexible, Delvaux Canvas is crafted from the highest quality, natural cotton fibres. As timeless as it is versatile, this refined, lightweight material lends an air of relaxed sophistication to any design.

Care instructions

Your Delvaux item is made of the highest quality Canvas of European origin. It has been selected and treated with the greatest care by our master craftsmen in our workshops in Belgium and France.

We recommend taking the following steps to preserve the timeless beauty of your fabric:

  • To prevent discolouration, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or direct light.

  • In the event of water contact, dab the Canvas as soon as possible with a soft, light-coloured cloth and let it air dry, away from any heat sources.

  • Contact between the Canvas and certain dark-coloured garments can cause the colour to migrate from the clothing to the Canvas. Conversely, colour from dark-coloured Canvas items may transfer to light-coloured garments. We invite you to remain aware of this possibility and exercise caution.

  • To freshen the Canvas, lightly moisten a soft, light-coloured cloth, and rub the item gently.

  • Always store your Canvas item in its dust bag to protect it from stains, colour transfer, and other damage. Keep the item filled with tissue paper to maintain its original shape.

  • Store your Canvas item in a dry area, away from humidity.

  • In the event of a stain or damage, do not attempt to repair the Canvas item or remove the stain yourself. Do not apply any solvents, abrasive products, or soaps. Simply bring your item to one of our boutiques or contact Customer Support.


Should your Delvaux be stained or damaged in any way, please do not try to repair it yourself. Simply take it to one of our boutiques or contact our Customer Support.

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